Prathamesh Sonpatki

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Sep 11, 2019

Making friends with RuboCop

At, we started using RuboCop heavily. This is a story of how we integrated RuboCop into our existing app. This is not an introductory post to RuboCop. Check out what RuboCop

Aug 26, 2019

Understanding Webpacker in Rails 6

Starting with Rails 6, Webpacker is the default JavaScript compiler. It means that all the JavaScript code will be handled by Webpacker instead of the old assets pipeline aka Sprockets. Webpacker is different

Aug 22, 2019

New framework defaults in Rails 6

Rails 6 is released. This post is part of the Road to Rails 6 series which will prepare you for Rails 6.Every time a new major Rails version is released, there are

Jul 15, 2019

How to (not) use unscoped in Rails

Active Record provides unscoped to remove all the scopes added to a model previously.class Article default_scope { where(published: true) } end Article.all # SELECT * FROM articles WHERE published = true Article.unscoped # SELECT