Installing Timescaledb on Mac OS X with

Install Timescaledb on Mac OS X with

I use to manage PostgreSQL on my Mac. I wanted to install Timescaledb locally and ran into few issues while installing it which are discussed in this post.

Timescaledb is an open-source database built for analyzing time-series data which is built on top of PostgreSQL.

Timescaledb allows installation on OS X via two mechanisms - via Source and via Homebrew. If we are using PostgreSQL managed by Homebrew then we can install Timescaledb also via Homebrew. But if we want to use Timescaledb along with then we have to install it via Source as per Timescaledb documentation.


Before starting the installation make sure that the pg_config path is using the path of pg_config utility installed by This can be verified by running following command.

> which pg_config                                                           

If the output is something else, then follow the instructions here to setup the CLI utilities installed by properly.


Now it is time to start installing Timescaledb. First we need to download the source code and switch to appropriate stable release tag for installation.

git clone
cd timescaledb
git checkout <release_tag>  # e.g., git checkout 1.7.1

This results in following error.

-- Could NOT find OpenSSL, try to set the path to OpenSSL root folder in the system variable OPENSSL_ROOT_DIR (missing: OPENSSL_INCLUDE_DIR)
CMake Error at CMakeLists.txt:336 (message):
  TimescaleDB requires OpenSSL but it wasn't found.  If you want to continue
  without OpenSSL, re-run bootstrap with `-DUSE_OPENSSL=0

We can resolve it as follows.

OPENSSL_ROOT_DIR=/usr/local/opt/openssl ./bootstrap

Running this shows up another error.

CMake Error at test/CMakeLists.txt:83 (message):
  Program 'pg_isolation_regress' not found, but regressions checks were

  Skip regression checks using -DREGRESS_CHECKS=OFF

-- Configuring incomplete, errors occurred!

The pg_isolation_regress is a binary from PostgreSQL which does not get built in a normal PostgreSQL build. We have to build it ourself if we want to run the isolation regression tests. As we don't want to do that we can skip it as mentioned in the above error message.

OPENSSL_ROOT_DIR=/usr/local/opt/openssl ./bootstrap -DREGRESS_CHECKS=OFF

If it runs successfully then it will print following at the end.

-- Build files have been written to: /Users/prathamesh/Projects/sources/timescaledb/build
TimescaleDB build system initialized in ./build. To compile, do:
cd ./build && make


We can go ahead and run the next command.

cd ./build && make
make install

After this, we need to edit the postgresql.conf to add timescaledb to shared_preload_libraries.

> psql -d postgres -c "SHOW config_file;"                                          
 /Users/prathamesh/Library/Application Support/Postgres/var-11/postgresql.conf
(1 row)

Then uncomment the line with shared_preload_libraries and change it to following.

shared_preload_libraries = 'timescaledb'

After that we have to restart PostgreSQL. If it restarts successfully, the installation is successful. If not we can check the errors as follows.

tail -f /Users/prathamesh/Library/Application\ Support/Postgres/var-11/postgresql.log

After successful restart, we can start psql and add the timescaledb extension to our database.

prathamesh=# CREATE EXTENSION IF NOT EXISTS "timescaledb" CASCADE;
 _____ _                               _     ____________
|_   _(_)                             | |    |  _  \ ___ \
  | |  _ _ __ ___   ___  ___  ___ __ _| | ___| | | | |_/ /
  | | | |  _ ` _ \ / _ \/ __|/ __/ _` | |/ _ \ | | | ___ \
  | | | | | | | | |  __/\__ \ (_| (_| | |  __/ |/ /| |_/ /
  |_| |_|_| |_| |_|\___||___/\___\__,_|_|\___|___/ \____/
               Running version 1.7.1
For more information on TimescaleDB, please visit the following links:

 1. Getting started:
 2. API reference documentation:
 3. How TimescaleDB is designed:

Note: TimescaleDB collects anonymous reports to better understand and assist our users.
For more information and how to disable, please see our docs


And that's all. Timescaledb is setup properly running with PostgreSQL managed by

Removing Timescaledb

If you want to remove the Timescaledb installed via above procedure for some reason, follow the steps below.

Stop the PostgreSQL process from the

Run following command in the SQL console.

prathamesh@/tmp:prathamesh> drop extension timescaledb
You're about to run a destructive command.
Do you want to proceed? (y/n): y
Your call!
Time: 0.232s

Remove the line added in the postgresql.conf file.

vim /Users/prathamesh/Library/Application\ Support/Postgres/var-11/postgresql.conf

Remove the line:

shared_preload_libraries = 'timescaledb'

Restart via PostgreSQL from and then Timescaledb is removed.