How to get feedback on your Ruby blog posts

You have written a blog post about Ruby or Rails or Hanami or Roda? Great, Congratulations! Now is the time to share it with other Rubyists and get some feedback.


You can share it on Rubyflow is aggregator where people post links about articles or gems that they find interesting.


Reddit is great place to share the blog article and get some feedback. You can post your article to r/ruby or /r/rubyonrails/ (for Rails specific articles) is my favourite place these days to find interesting articles about various languages and libraries. You can write an article itself on platform or connect your blog to it so that you can cross post your existing blog article on it. Don't forget to add proper tags to the article such as #ruby

You can post your article to as well which is community to share programming links and discuss them. But you need an invitation to join it.


If you have a Linkedin account you can post your article to ruby related groups on Linkedin. One of the popular group is related to Ruby on Rails.


Last but not the least, you can post your article on Twitter with proper hashtags.

Where do you post your Ruby articles? Do you have any other community or platform for sharing the articles and getting feedback? Let me know in comments or on Twitter.