Hey there! My name is Prathamesh Sonpatki. I am working at Last9 building world class SRE platform for systems at scale. I am working on Levitate these days - which is a time series data warehouse and a Managed service for Prometheus.

Currently I am focussed on Levitate - our TSDB that is built for scale.

I am building o11y.wiki - A glossary of all terms related to Observability, starting from A to Z!

I am a full stack developer having worked on every part of the web development. You can reach out to me on [email protected].

Open source

I have been a lead software developer in various roles for the past seven years. I am also a prolific open source contributor, being in the all-time Rails contributors list.

Ruby Community

I am co-organizer of RubyConfIndia and Deccan Ruby Conf - two of the premier Ruby Conferences in India and is regularly invited to give talks at tech conferences around the world including RailsConf, RubyKaigi, RedDotRubyConf, RubyConfIndia, and RubyNation. Apart from the conferences, I am also instrumental in running the local Pune Ruby meetup.

Ruby knowledge group

I have started a slack for discussions about Web programming using Ruby, Rails React. The goal is to have like minded Ruby programmers together discussing what they learned in their day to day work and help each other. You can join it here.


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