• January 29, 2020
  • 1 min read

User friendly servers list in New Relic

We use New Relic to monitor performance of our Rails app. We have multiple docker containers running our web app and Sidekiq workers.

On New Relic dashboard, the list of servers is displayed in a dropdown as follows.

As you can see the names of the servers are not very intuitive. It will be better if we know which server runs what part of the application.

New Relic allows setting an environment variable NEW_RELIC_PROCESS_HOST_DISPLAY_NAME for this purpose. We can set this per process or container to distinguish between them in the New Relic dashboard.

We set the environment variable inside the docker container images based on whether that container served web app or ran Sidekiq workers.

The end result is this.

This helps us in monitoring each server separately in New Relic dashboard very easily.

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