Starting - Glossary of all terms related to Observability One place for all terms and definitions related Observability of Software systems


I have started a project for maintaining glossary of all terms and definitions related to Observability.

It is called

The GitHub repo can be found here

The contents are available at

This is an open source project aimed at beginners like me who don’t know a lot of observability and reliability. The idea is to learn about these terms and note them down at one place, so others can benefit from it.

Here are few next set of terms that can be added --

  • MTTR
  • MTTD
  • MTBI
  • Incident
  • Alert
  • Metric
  • Samples
  • Cardinality
  • Log
  • Span
  • Event
  • Exceptions
  • Serverless
  • SRE
  • Platform engineering
  • PromQL
  • Service Discovery

I am looking for help while making this project better and solid for everyone! 🏗️ ❤️ Please help me make it better by contributing and reviewing.