Preload associations with `find_by_sql`

I have a very complex query which is made up of more than 1 subqueries. Arel is awesome, but it can’t generate that query. So i generate those subqueries separately and combine them by union or intersection based on some condition. Finally the generated query is given to find_by_sql to get the data.

We found out that, in the jbuilder template that was rendering this data, that it was calling association objects resulting in n+1 query problem.

Generally this problem is solved by eager-loading in rails.

For eg. to load the company of the user, we do

@users = User.where(status: 'connected').includes(:company)

Rails will do the magic(load the company of the user also in the same query) and when we refer to from view, it would not trigger any new sql query and directly access it from ruby object.

But this doesn’t work with find_by_sql.

@users = User.find_by_sql(some_condition).includes(:company)

will throw error. Because find_by_sql returns Ruby array and notActiveRecord::Relation object. So it doesn’t respond to includes.

If we try calling includes first,

@users = User.includes(:company).find_by_sql(some_conditions)

The includes part is silently dropped and only find_by_sql part gets executed.

ActiveRecord::Associations::Preloader class to our rescue.

Only applicable for Rails 3 and Rails 4.0.x

We can use the run method from Preloader class like follows:

@users = User.find_by_sql(some_condition), :company).run

This will preload the company association for the @users object like it will do when we use includes.

Rails 4.1 and onwards

Rails 4.1 onwards, run method is not present in Preloader class. It is replaced by the preload method which was private in Rails 3. We can call preloadmethod directly as follows.

@users = User.find_by_sql(some_condition), :company)

The first argument to this method is records array, second argument is associations and third is options which are optional.

We can pass a single association like :company.

We can also pass multiple associations in the form of array [:company, :account].

We can also pass a hash to eager load associations of associations like { company: :category }.

We can also mix last two options like [{ company: :category }, :account].

Rails 5?

Things can change. The Preloader class might be replaced by a module. I will update the blog post once that is done.

Happy Hacking!