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Understanding Metrics, Events, Logs and Traces - Key Pillars of Observability
Understanding Metrics, Logs, Events and Traces - the key pillars of observability and their pros and cons for SRE and DevOps teams.
Filtering Metrics by Labels in OpenTelemetry Collector
How to filter metrics by labels using OpenTelemetry Collector
A practical guide for implementing SLO
How to set Service Level Objectives with 3 steps guide
How to Improve On-Call Experience!
Better practices and tools for management of on-call practices
Monorepos - The Good, Bad, and Ugly
A monorepo is a single version control repository that holds all the code,configuration files, and components required for your project (includingservices like search) and it’s how most projects start. However, as a projectgrows, there is debate as to whether the project’s code should be split in…
Prometheus vs InfluxDB | Last9
What are the differences between Prometheus and InfluxDB - use cases, challenges, advantages and how you should go about choosing the right tsdb
What is Prometheus Remote Write | Last9
Learn about what is Prometheus Remote Write and how to configure it.
OpenTelemetry vs. Prometheus | Last9
OpenTelemetry vs. Prometheus - Difference in architecture, and metrics
SRE vs Platform Engineering | Last9
What’s the difference between SREs and Platform Engineers? How do they differ in their daily tasks?
Downsampling & Aggregating Metrics in Prometheus: Practical Strategies to Manage Cardinality and Query Performance | Last9
A comprehensive guide to downsampling metrics data in Prometheus with alternate robust solutions
The difference between DevOps, SRE, and Platform Engineering | Last9
In reliability engineering, three concepts keep getting talked about - DevOps, SRE and Platform Engineering. How do they differ?
Mastering Prometheus Relabeling: A Comprehensive Guide | Last9
A comprehensive guide to relabeling strategies in Prometheus
OpenTelemetry vs. OpenTracing | Last9
OpenTelemetry vs. OpenTracing - differences, evolution, and ways to migrate to OpenTelemetry
Prometheus vs Thanos | Last9
Everything you want to know about Prometheus and Thanos, their differences, and how they can work together.
What is OpenTelemetry Collector | Last9
What is OpenTelemetry Collector, Architecture, Deployment and Getting started
Prometheus Alternatives | Last9
What are the alternatives to Prometheus? A guide to comparing different Prometheus Alternatives.
Prometheus Operator Guide | Last9
What is Prometheus Operator, how it can be used to deploy Prometheus Stack in Kubernetes environment
How to Manage High Cardinality Metrics in Prometheus | Last9
A comprehensive guide on understanding high cardinality Prometheus metrics, proven ways to find high cardinality metrics and manage them.
Best Practices Using and Writing Prometheus Exporters | Last9
This article will go over what Prometheus exporters are, how to properly find and utilize prebuilt exporters, and tips, examples, and considerations when building your own exporters.
Prometheus Federation ⏤ Scaling Prometheus Guide | Last9
We discuss the nuances of Federation in Prometheus, address Prometheus Scaling Challenges along with alternatives to Prometheus federation
Prometheus Metrics Types - A Deep Dive | Last9
A deep dive on different metric types in Prometheus and best practices
How to Instrument Java Applications using OpenTelemetry - Tutorial & Best Practices | Last9
A comprehensive guide to instrument Java applications using OpenTelemetry libraries
How To Instrument Golang app using OpenTelemetry - Tutorial & Best Practices | Last9
A comprehensive guide to instrument Golang applications using OpenTelemetry libraries for metrics and traces
Prometheus and Grafana | Last9
What is Prometheus and Grafana, What is Prometheus and Grafana used for, What is difference between Prometheus and Grafana.

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SRE Stories

SRE Story with Sunny Arora
Internship to contributing to Core Distributed Tracing Platform at Razorpay with Sunny Arora
SRE Story with Alex Hidalgo
Becoming better SRE by understanding the human connection with software systems
SRE Story with Srinivas Devaki
From Frontend to SRE to building a product for SREs
SRE Story with Ricardo Castro
Applying Software Engineering principles to world of Operations
SRE Story with Michael Hausenblas
Community, Empathy and OpenTelemetry
SRE Story with Iris Dyrmishi
OpenTelemetry and building Observability Platforms
SRE Story with Matthew Iselin
Sys-Admin Down Under to SRE Manager in Bay Area with Matthew Iselin from Replit
A Day in the life of an SRE | Sagar Rakshe
Turbo C to SRE via startups, consulting and again startup with Sagar Rakshe
SRE Story with Sathya Bhat
Learnings, musings, taking your chances and much more with Sathya Bhat
A day in the life of an SRE | Sebastian Vietz
Today, we have Sebastian Vietz from Compass Digital sharing his SRE story. I came across Sebastian’s post on LinkedIn a few weeks back that he will be coming to SRECon and connected with him. Meeting him in person and seeing his enthusiasm and energy about observability and reliability engineering w…
A Day in the Life of an SRE | Tiago Dias Generoso
Tiago Dias Generoso from Brasil sharing his #SRE Story.
A day in the life of an SRE | Suraj Nath
Today we have Suraj Nath as part of the SRE Stories. Suraj works as Software Engineer at Grafana Labs on Tempo and Grafana Cloud Traces products. Before this, he was an early hire at Clarisights. Suraj is a speaker at various technical conferences. He also runs a meetup -
A day in the life of an SRE | Mohit Shukla
For the second edition of the A day in the life of an SRE series, we have Mohit Shukla. Mohit is known as ethicalmohit on interwebs. He works as a Site Reliability Engineer at Bureau, Inc. Mohit introduces himself as an SRE generalist with seven years of experience. He has worked on multi-dimensions…
A day in the life of an SRE | Ashwin Murali
A day in the life of an SRE | Ashwin Murali - Cloud Infra and Engineering Manager at CoLearn

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Laffer’s Curve and Reliability of Software Systems
In the world of economics, the Laffer Curve is a concept that depicts the relationship between tax rates and government revenue. However, this curve can also be applied to various domains beyond…
Are you following the SRE way?
Site Reliability Engineering (SRE) is an established and critical practice, widely recognized for its importance in modern software organizations. Its emphasis on reliability, scalability, and…
Anatomy of Metrics
1. Metric Name: This is the unique identifier for each type of data that is being collected. The name should be descriptive enough to represent the information being tracked. 2. Timestamp: This is…
The Fallacies of Distributed Systems
In the realm of computer science, distributed systems have revolutionized how we perceive, manage, and employ data processing. A distributed system brings together multiple computer nodes…
Metrics vs. Logs: A Detailed Exploration
In the complex landscape of modern computing, two key concepts reign supreme: metrics and logs. While both are instrumental in understanding the performance and operation of software applications…
A day in the life of an SRE
I always look forward to hearing stories from people, their workflows, and how they improve their craft. As part of Last9, where we build…
Starting o11y.wiki
When I joined Last9 three years back, I knew little about SRE and Observability. The situation is not changed after three years :) There is a lot to learn in the Observability space. I am yet to find…